Protecting Campaigns from Cyber Attacks and Disinformation

Don't let a hack be what makes your campaign front page news.

With over 140 campaigns and 14 state parties trained, we are the largest provider of cyber training for U.S. political campaigns.

I want everyone to take this training, because my emails, other data shared, etc. is only as safe as everyone who has it.

Congressional campaign manager - MN

You are vulnerable, but not defenseless

Campaigns are Specifically Targeted

Politicians and political campaigns are increasingly victims of cyberattacks. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea generated tens of thousands of attacks on American lawmakers in the 2020 cycle.

Campaigns are Unique

Campaigns often form quickly, operate on a tight budget, incorporate many moving parts, and have varied levels of technical expertise. Defensive and preparatory actions need to be tailored to specific contexts, requiring candidates and advisors to have knowledge of cyber threats and the unique environment in which campaigns operate.

Changes in Behavior Can Prevent 95% of Breaches

While cybersecurity threats have no silver bullet solutions, a range of technical and behavioral changes can dramatically reduce the likelihood of the success of both domestic and foreign attacks. The right training, in the right context, can make campaigns much more secure.

It was a helpful follow up to other trainings and a more interactive security training than I have had in the past. I found this more helpful and felt the team would be there in the future should we need more help.

Congressional campaign communications staff - NY

Bolster Campaign Security in Under 2 Hours

Candidate and staff time is valuable. Let us improve your security efficiently and for free.

1 hour: Training

Explanation of current threats and steps you can take to protect yourself, your candidate, your data, and your campaign.

2 hours: Training + Implementation

Workshop + helping you install essential software (e.g. Password Managers) and optimize the settings on your campaign devices.

[I liked learning] just how real Phishing emails can look! I think I just found a phishing email today on my personal email and reported it to my campaign to alert for all other staffers.

National Political Committee Staff

Protect yourself

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