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Security Awareness Trainings

Our traditional offering: engaging, interactive security trainings for your candidate and campaign that are proven to increase secure behaviors.

Implementation & Setup

We will have you and your users install and configure secure settings and tools, including MFA, hardware tokens, and more.

Cyber, Technology, and Policy Advisory

Campaigns can reach out to us anytime for help with cyber or tech problems, issues, or policy positions.

Website Assessments

We can test the security of your websites or other infrastructure and help you secure patch any vulnerabilities.

Email and Document Security

Hackers often go after emails and documents. We secure your sensitive data and help prevent phishing attacks.

Secure Communications

We recommend, help install, and configure secure communications tools, including texting, messaging, and video conferencing.


Disinfo 101 Training

The basics: what disinformation is, how to identify, the latest trends, and how to combat it.

Tabletop Exercises

We create custom, multi-layered disinformation scenarios for your campaign or organization, and help identify how your organization would respond.