Taking the Hill & Foresight2020 Team Up to Secure Candidates

Taking the Hill & Foresight2020 Team Up to Secure Candidates

Bristol, PA - Taking the Hill, a political action committee that supports veteran and military family member candidates for public office, and Foresight2020, a campaign cybersecurity training nonprofit, are pleased to announce their partnership. This union will allow both organizations to increase the cyber security training available to military veteran candidates.

The need for cybersecurity is ever present. There have already been thousands of cyber attacks on campaigns during the 2020 election cycle, and the intensity is only expected to grow as we near the election. In the digital era, threats don’t stay abroad, but follow our service members home through digital channels. Foresight2020 and Taking the Hill are proud to help veterans neutralize these threats so that they can continue to serve and defend our democracy through public office.

“There are fewer threats more insidious and harmful to our democracy than the threat of harmful cyber actors,” said Patrick Murphy, founder of Taking the Hill PAC. “At Taking the Hill, our mission is to have the backs of veterans and military family members who are taking the leap and running for public office. Nowhere is it more important to have their backs than in the cybersecurity domain.”

The partnership will provide TTH endorsed campaigns with live, personalized training.

“Foresight2020’s cybersecurity training empowers everyone on a campaign to take the steps necessary to secure themselves, without slowing down the campaign,” said Alex Bores, Co-founder and President of Foresight2020. “Over 95% of breaches involve human error. We are proud to work with TTH to massively reduce the risk faced by campaigns.”

Taking the Hill is a federally-registered Political Action Committee that aims to help more veterans and military family members continue their service to America in elected offices nationwide. Taking The Hill supports candidates in a myriad of ways: personally, financially, professionally. And with the new partnership, TTH will be able to add cybersecurity training to their list of resources available to candidates.

Foresight2020 is a non-partisan non-profit organization that provides cyber defense & preparedness training to elected officials, campaigns, and political groups. This training increases their cybersecurity literacy and empowers them with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves from potential threats. Since being founded in January, Foresight has already trained over 90 campaigns and nine state parties. By partnering with TTH, Foresight will be able to distribute the training to even more candidates, candidates that have served their country, and will further serve their country through public office.

Learn more about Taking the Hill here. Learn more about Foresight 2020 here.

Contacts: roger@takingthehillpac.com