Vulnerabilities, Cyberwarfare, and Elections during COVID-19

Cofounder Amy Larsen recently published an article on how emergencies like the current pandemic have a long legacy of coinciding with disinformation tactics and cyberwarfare. The atmosphere of anxiety prompted by current circumstances is fertile ground for hackers to seize data and disperse divis... Read More

FBI Issues Updated Warning on Business Email Compromise

The FBI offers advice and warnings to select partners based on the cyber activity they observer from malicious actors.Usually, these notices (called "PINs", Private Industry Notifications) are restricted from public distribution; trusted individuals who recieve the PINs ca... Read More

What do Justin Bieber and Jack Dorsey Have in Common?

Justin Bieber and Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey are two of 10.6 million victims of the latest major hack to become public. MGM Resorts reported that the personal contact information of guests dating back years was exfiltrated and posted online.Luckily, most of the information released... Read More